HAD is the UKs leading providers in housing inspections for UKVI, we are currently working with over 100 solicitors, a number of local authorities and private housing associations (references are available at request) We have a 100% pass-rate for the property survey reports. If you are coming to live in the United Kingdom from abroad and apply for entry clearance to the British High Commission, you are asked to carry out a property inspection and obtain a report covering all requirements from the housing and overcrowding act. If satisfactory documentation will be provided that satisfies the High Commission's requirements.

At the time of inspection you will be asked to show the surveyor around the whole property, outlining who occupies the house and which rooms they sleep in. When the inspection is completed you will be supplied with a letter which will state:

• Your name and the name(s) of the person(s) seeking entry to the UK;

• The address of the property inspected;

•Who owns and who occupies the property;

• How the property is occupied and by whom;

Once the inspection has been carried out, the next working day you will be sent an email copy for confirmation, once confirmation is received the certificate/report will be posted out first class unless special delivery is requested. The whole process normally takes three working day. A PDF copy can be requested at no further charge. 

LABC represents all local authority building control teams in England and Wales, who work cooperatively with building owners, home owners, architects, plan drawers, developers, building contractors and other professionals to ensure buildings are safe, healthy and efficient to meet the standards set by the building regulations. HAD are registered with LABC which means that all local authorities in England and Wales will accept the decisions of their chosen Partner Authority. 

Services Also Include:

  • Full Building Surveys
  • Building Control Packages
  • Planning Permission
  • Architectural Services
  • Expert Witness 

The documents we provide are 3-4 A4 sheets covering the Housing Act in detail, this will act as a supporting document for your application to the UKVI (Above)

The bedroom sizes are a very important part of the UK Entry Clearance process, by following the guidance below you are likely to have a pass on the inspection. 

The room sizes are as follows, feel free to call us to discuss at any time: 

Floor Area M sq (Sq Ft)Permitted Numbers10.23 (110) or more28.37 (90) up to 10.23 (110)1.56.51 (70) up to 8.37 (90)14.65 (50) to 6.51 (70)0.5Less than 4.65Nil

  • 0.5 a person is classed as a child at the ages of 1 – 10 years, after the age of 10 the child becomes 1 person.
  • Babies can share with their parents if under 1 years old and are not included for this purpose.
  • Children of opposite gender can only share a bedroom up until the age of 10 years old.
  • Children cannot share a bedroom with an adult apart from their biological Mother and Father.
  • Siblings aged over 10 years cannot share a bedroom with another of the opposite sex who is under 10 years.
  • There is to be one toilet and wash hand basin for every 5 inhabitants.
  • You must have a kitchen which is fully functional and can support the inhabitants of the property including the person/ persons coming into the UK.
  • There must be a fixed heating system in the property (e.g. heating in every habitable room).
  • The property must be kept in good order (e.g. no loose slates, no leaking gutters). 

Feel free to email or call us regarding the above points, we are available 7 days a week on: hello@hussaindesigns.co.uk and aim to respond within 24 hours.